The American Dream concept

Do you still relate to Gatsby? Do you recognize America and Yourselves in his drive for self-improvement, his penchant for self-invention, his devotion to self discipline? Do you too keep your eyes on the green light at the end of the dock?

The American Dream concept is going no where anytime soon. This is a message of hope and faith and has fueled our American economy when everybody has said no way of getting out of this mess. This is a message that gives anyone coming from a place of despair and great losses, to becoming free enough to risk and recreate oneself. It is answering Yes I can, when everyone else is saying no. Many have come to our country in dire times when they had little more than a bag of clothes and a toothbrush. We are given the freedom and ability to recreate and become prosperous regardless of what circumstance we find ourselves in. 

The End

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