I don't know. Let me see.

I dive in, and at first I and blinded by the muddy darkness. Then certain things come into focus. Characters walk along on random expeditions or scenes or clamber for attention. Plotlines weave in and out. And in the very back is a tangled mess of emotions that I am too tired to unravel. Tugging just one thread could cause everything to fall into chaos. Then of course, the council comes. It's all me of course, just arguing for different sides.

Do your homework!

Go to sleep!

Finish the show!

Keep writing!

Write something else!

Don't be stupid! Listen to me!

Don't bother! Listen to me!

Arguing insues. It get louder and louder until I am rubbing my temple in frustration.

Will all of you shut up! The arguing quiets down. Then, I get down to what I wanted to do in the first place. I grab the tail end of a plot. The end is ragged and unfinished. I snag a scene that has been floating nearby. Would this fit? Perhaps, with something in between. Getting some paint, I bring a new scene into being. Yes, I like that! I like that a lot! I finish and like a director watching a movie premiere, I replay the scene over and over again in my mind. Satisfied, I package the idea and head for the computer. It needs to be typed up.

At night, I take out a rejected plot, one that I liked but would not fit into the story, or an idea I am not ready to put into writing yet and take it for a spin. Hundreds of plotslines float into existence as I fall asleep.

The End

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