What Goes on in My Mind, and How does it Work?

 A good friend asked me this very question...so here's my answer.

My mind is an orchestra of a thousand voices all fighting for supremacy. It is order and chaos. Light and dark. Silent and deafening. It cannot be contained, or defined or categorised one way or the other. It is like every mind in the world, completely unique. Yet I think it does things not many other peoples can...it is at once totally empty and packed to the rafters. It is a place where music becomes a conduit to creation, it is a vault built around my soul and memories I hold dear, it is a forge where ideas are created like knife blades. It is a place where imagination is creation, where I need only think something and it can happen, it is genesis. It is a storm that under the perfect conditions can become nothing but a frozen lake in a heartbeat, cooling the orchestra into nothing but the sound of soft snow falling and a gentle breeze. My mind is strange, it has scared me from time to time, how is it I can read people so easily whilst others see lies as humble truths? My mind decodes facial expressions and body language like a scanner might a barcode. It takes in the world unlike other people; it’s a place where causality becomes nothing more than a web of strings. Each string connected to a specific event, linking all of them together in one cohesive pattern that my mind is able to comprehend with some coaxing. It is the question and the answer and everything in between. It is totally different to everyone else’s. But how do I know that? I can no more see through your mind than you can through mine.  

I have no idea how it works. I have theories, ideas...but nothing more. Some days it works like a computer, taking in everything around me like it is vital data needing to be uploaded. Other days it’s an empty factory. Silent as a crypt and a lonely reminder of the greatness the factory once created. I have no idea how my mind works, it creates, destroys, invents, solves, asks, puzzles and deduces like nothing in this world. I have no idea how it works, and I don't want to know. Because if the day comes when I do figure it out, then I'm worried it would stop working all together.

The End

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