Weststarters (Not to be confused with Eastenders)

Weststarters intro

25 years ago a team of people (and monkeys) came to gather to form a show called Weststarters things were all running well till a studio over the road copied there ideas. The studio invented a program called Eastenders. But the BBC are not letting us put this show on air (not even ITV and there running out of money). So with a lot of thinking (and bananas) we have decided to put this on book (we weren't even allowed radio). Its set in a very dramatic place in London (its always in London jezz, no offence). But some of our ideas were taken by Eastenders. For instance we have 'the king bass' were are actors (jezz this scripts awful who wrote this, there’s no actors in a story) all hang out but Eastenders copied this with there 'the queen Vic'. 'The king bass' is a fish shop were they all hang out. Jezz I’m not reading this script anymore.

Thank you for listening to this intro read by Simon Cowell.


"Ey up bill!" said Frank Borrison. "Ey up frank, what would you like to order today. we have a deal this fish sticks 2 for the price of 3"

"I think I’ll just have a pint of fish"

"Ok it'll be ready in a sec. There’s a seat over there by Veronica" Frank goes over to the seat next to Veronica.

"Ey up veronica how ya doing"


"O yeah. I remember you dumped Rodney coz he was cheating on ya but now Chelsea’s going out with Rodney and you want Rodney back"

"I don’t need your help. I don't need any of you!" veronica storms off.

"O bye. how come every one here has an anger problem" bill comes over.

"Here’s your pint of fish"

"I didn’t want a PINT OF FISH!"

Back at Jessie’s house

(to be continued)

The End

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