Ember: Party

I had absolutely no idea what to wear.

I was stood facing my open wardrobe with an expression that I can only imagine looked a little something like total bewilderment. I was vaguely aware of my human characteristics shining through as clothes lay crumpled and strewn across my bedroom floor. 

I had never really been to a house party before. Even when I was human. This would be my first, and I didn't have a clue what to wear. Maybe a nice top with a skirt perhaps? What was Matt wearing? 

I sighed in exasperation and pulled out a small black skirt and a black and white stripy top that I knew showed off my figure. It would have to do.

Slicking on some lipgloss and mascara, I ran my fingers through my hair, leaving it loose. Looking in the mirror, I saw myself staring at a total stranger. A girl with straight bright red hair that ran straight past her shoulders, stopping just shy of her torso. Clear green eyes gazed back at me, nervous and apprehensive. 

'It's gonna be fine,' I murmured to myself. 'Just a stupid party.'


This stupid party sure had a lot of people.

An enormous two story house with a porch running the length of the walls stood in front of me, almost beckoning me over. I could hear the music from where I was stood; something with a lot of bass. People were sat on the wall in the front garden, laughing in two's and three's. Each of them had a plastic cup in their hand.


I could smell it easily. 

I was going to turn around and head straight back home when I heard Matt's voice through the crowd.

'Ember! You came!' He laughed, a grin stretched across his face. 

'Uh. Yeah,' I replied stupidly, suddenly feeling very out of place.

'Come inside! Can I get you a drink?' 

'Sure,' I smiled, deciding to have a little fun. I couldn't get drunk, it was down right impossible for alcohol to affect vampires so what would be the harm?

'Great,' he slipped his hand into mine confidently and led the way.

I started a little bit at his casual touch, but didn't pull away. 

I let him guide me through up the pathway and into the house. The music thumped and pounded, trembling the walls and rocking the ground beneath our feet. It seemed to reverberate throughout my body, throbbing against my chest. 

We had to step over a couple of people sat on the floor and I earned a few curious glances from those who had never seen me before but I tried to make it look as though I knew what I was doing. 

A taller lad, well built with short black hair and dark eyes intercepted our path.

'Matt!' he slurred, obviously drunk. 'You made it man! Whos' the chick?' His gaze fixed on me and I shied away ever so slightly, a natural reaction.

'Hey Jake. This is Ember. I invited her tonight,' Matt beamed proudly. 

'She's hot,' Jake's failed attempt at whispering got me chuckling. He seemed to like this as his eyes flashed in delight.

'Yeah well, see you later.' Matt pulled me along, past Jake and into the kitchen.

'He seems nice,' I commented, amused.

'Yeah,' he frowned. 'Not so much when he's drunk...You'd probably be better staying clear of him tonight.'

'Well,' I laughed. 'I'm sure I can take care of myself.'

Not seeming to get my joke, Matt smiled back politely.

'I'm really glad you came tonight Ember.'

'Yeah? Me too,' I replied, completely honest. 

The night didn't look too bad after all. 

The End

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