Ember: An invitation

It was an unbelievably gorgeous day.

The sun shone down magnificently, pounding it's rays onto my skin. In the distance I could hear a child's laughter, a dog barking, the melody of an ice cream truck. Two girls in front of me were chattering animatedly, laughing about how tanned they were going to get. People behind me were talking of having a water fight at the local park. Only I walked alone.

'Ember!' Someone shouted my name from behind me. I turned round, baffled.

Matt Lynch, some boy in my class, was jogging towards me. I moved out of the way of the group of friends who were talking about the water fight and waited patiently for Matt to catch up with me.

'Hi Matt,' I murmured, surprised. 'What do you want?'

His face was slightly red and his sandy hair flopped into his eyes. I knew that Matt was what a human would call handsome,but he held no appeal for me. Probably because I was used to the ethereal beauty that a vampire possessed. He was taller than me, by several inches with bright blue eyes and messy light hair. Right now he was wearing a checkered shirt and faded jeans. 

'I'm supposed to give you the homework,' he smiled. 'That you missed in History.'

'Oh,' my cheeks flashed red as I realized why I had missed last weeks History lesson. I was attending to my thirst. 

'Um, thanks,' I muttered as he handed me several sheets.

'You're welcome,' he laughed, a pleasantly attractive sound.

'Well, see you around,' I replied, awkwardly. 

'Wait, uh... are you going to this party tomorrow night?'

'Party?' I repeated stupidly.

'Yeah,' he shifted his gaze to the floor. 'It's Rebecca's party. She said anyone's invited and I wanna go but I won't really know anyone else who's going.'

'I hadn't really thought about it,' I frowned. 

'Well I just think it'd be cool if we...if we went together?'

Uh oh.


'I'm sorry. That was really forward. Forget I ever said anything,' Matt turned around. My guilt got the better of me though and I called his name.

'That'd be cool,' I smiled. 

'Great!' he grinned, relieved. '8.00pm?'

'Sounds good to me,' I shrugged.

'Cool! Well, see you there then!' He headed off, the massive grin still plastered to his face.

I was unsure of what I had just done, I was unsure of what the consequences would be but I was too soft. I felt bad for him. I suppose I'd just have to wait and see what would happen.

The End

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