Crimson: Going Home with a Stranger

I told the peculiar vampire my home address, but I'm not entirely sure I should have. Because, y'know, he could've been wanting to know it so he could sneak in and finish me late at night.

We drove in complete silence; it was deafening. But soon, we pulled up to my house, I opened the door. I tried to stand by myself, but the vampire just smiled and shook his head as he picked me up.

'Crimson! Crimson!' Brady yelled as he flung open the front door and ran outside.

'I'm okay Brady.' I mumbled, wincing as he patted my fractured skull.

'Thanks, man! Thanks for bringing her home. Come on in, have some coffee.' Brady babbled. 

The vampire walked in, looking around before setting me down on the sofa. I nodded in thanks to him and snuggled into the plush, leather seating.

He then followed my flustered brother into the kitchen.

I could hear their voices.

'So, what the hell happened to her? She looks like crap.' Brady muttered loudly.

'I can hear you, Brady.' I shouted, a muffled apology got sent back to me.

'She was, umm, beaten up by a gang or something. She was hanging around in the woods, I dunno.' The vampire muttered, he obviously thought my own brother didn't know what I was was.

'Bloodsucker! He knows I'm a werewolf!' I called to him.

'Ah, yes. Well, then she was attacked by vampires.' He mumbled.

'You didn't do it did you?' Brady asked, I had the feeling he was eyeing the vamp up with a look of suspision.

So I stood up and hobbled through, in a feeble hope to stop my brother from getting angry.

'Brady, it's okay. This guy, umm. . .'


'Yeah, Cody, he threw the evil blood-sucking vampire off me. I'm all good, except I was stopped halfway through my transformation, so I'm a bit broken and stuff. . .'I muttered, putting a hand to my forehead because I felt dizzy.

'You should go to bed.' The vampire, Cody, told me sternly. I nodded and staggered up the stairs. Leaving the oddball vampire and my protective brother behind.


The End

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