Cody: I'm not a miracle worker

I was quite happily minding my own business, just cutting through the woodland to get home quicker, to be honest. I wasn't really expecting to stumble across some drama between some girl and a vampire dude going down.

Did I mention this girl happened to be one of those wolf types? And that it looked like most of her bones were all broken and screwed up? And that this vampire dude was being a total dick.

"Ahh! No! Stop it! Brady!" the girl's cries echoed out through the trees, and I walk over, my guts telling me to intervene, but my head telling me to get the hell out of there. I put on the confident face and demanded to know what's going on.

"Leave her alone, man," I growled a little, letting him know I wasn't about to just walk away from this.

"Go away," he half shouted. So polite. The wolf girl kind of looked like she might have passed out. That's not good. I pulled him off her, pretty much expecting the punch he manages to sneak in. C'mon, dude, I've had worse from humans. I punched back harder and uh, eventually persuaded him to leave.

The girl woke up at that point, and started to cry again. I turned to her, about to go over and try to help her, or at least find out who else might be able to, but she started shouting at me.

"Don't come near me bloodsucker! I swear I'll kill you!" She tried to shuffle away from me, but her injuries stopped her from being able to do much more than just lie there. I held my hands up and didn't move from where I was stood - a good few feet away from her.

"I'm not gonna hurt you," I promised her.

"Don't lie! You're just like that one!" she shrieked, but that's about as far as she got in her raging against me, because that's when she passed out from the lack of blood. Now, I know you're not supposed to move people when they're that badly injured, but aside from the fact that she's a wolf and therefore tougher than your average human, what can a hospital really do for her? They'd all just sit around scratching their heads when she heals faster than she should.

So I carried her back to my place, silently thanking whatever deities might be out there that mom and dad were both out. I threw my comforter on the floor and laid her out on the bed, doing my best to stop her bleeding all over the place and got to work on setting her bones. My bed was a mess by the end of it, and I wasn't too sure that what I did for her would be enough, but she was still alive, at least. I pulled the comforter over her and let her rest.


When she finally stirred, I was sat at the end of my bed, reading a book. I glanced over as she sniffed the air and sure enough, began to freak out all over again.

"What the-? This place reeks of vampire!" she exclaimed, not sounding all too happy about it. "Gah! You! Why am I here?"

"You passed out, and I doubt they'd have been able to do much for you at the hospital," I explained calmly, but she jumped out of the bed, apparently not calmed down by what I'd just told her at all. I watched her, hoping that she wasn't about to re-break her bed.

"What? Let me go!" she cries, "are you going to kill me? I don't wanna die!" tears shone in her eyes and I sighed slightly, not really appreciating all the shouting.

"I'm not going to kill you. Just calm down."

"Really? You're not gonna?"

"I'm not going to kill you," I repeated, "just ‘cause I'm a vampire, doesn't mean I instantly want you dead. If I did, I'd have left you in the woods."

"You mean... you saved me from those vampires?" I nodded and she paused, apparently thinking about something. "That Dylan guy... he's dead, isn't he..?" I remembered that body near them and hadn't doubted for a second that he was dead. The guy had stank of it.

"That was his name?" I shrugged, "Yeah, he's dead."

"... that was my fault," she said sadly.

"I'll go back and bury him later, if you want."

"Please," she sat back down, "why didn't you kill me?" I opened my mouth to answer her, but she started speaking again before I could answer her. "Where are my injuries, too?" she asked, looking down at herself.

"I'm not brilliant at first aid, but I fixed you up enough to survive and get home. There's someone that can look after you, right?"

"Um. Yeah, my brother. Brady. Do you have a car?" I nodded. "Can you take me back home? He's gotta be worried."

"Sure," I said, offering to help her up, but she refused.

"Thanks, I can get up by my- ahhh!" She fell to the floor, with a thud, clutching at her ankle. Yeah, that was kinda why I offered to help you. I'm not a miracle worker, and I didn't heal you. I just fixed you up a bit. Rolling my eyes, I picked her up, ignoring her cries of "Ahh! Get off me, bloodsucker!"

She calmed down again once I'd put her in the back seat of the car, thankfully.

"So, where do you live then?" I asked over the sound of the engine starting up. 


The End

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