Crimson: bloodsuckers

'Get behind me!' Dylan hissed at me. I did as I was told.

I was scared of vampires.

'Well, hello there!' One of the three vampires greeted them, 'I see we got us some mutt's here!'

'Oh-ho! We certainly did, Rickson!' A female beast cackled.

'Haha! This is going to be fun. How about a game of fetch!' The last one snickered in a broad scottish accent.

'Get away from us! Were.... were not your toys!' I stammered from behind Dylan.

'Just leave and we wont hurt you!' Dylan snarled. He was scary, too. But he was a vampire so I could trust him.

'As if we'd leave such a great opportunity behind!' The blonde haired she-vampire smirked, her expression twisting into something far more evil that death itself.

'Please! Just let us be!' I cried out, my voice shook, which made the last vampire, the brown-haired one laugh even more.

'Crimson. Go home.' Dylan said sharply.

'No way! You can't handle a trio of blood-suckers on your own!' I muttered, feeling awful because I just wanted to leave and forget about this.

'Racist!' The first one grumbled tiredly, 'I've had enough of playing nice with these pets. I want the carrot-top. You two can have the other.' 

I gasped and backed away, Dylan tried to stop me at last minute as I stumbled one-step-too-far away from my wolf brother.

Something looped around my waist and slammed me against a tree. I screamed in terror and pain. As my elbow bled, the hideous creature licked it, before moving up to my jugular.  I winced as he licked my neck.

'Brady!' I shrieked out my beloved brothers name as the vampire pierced my neck. It hurt like hell's fire as the scary thing took long sucks from my neck.

The vampire smirked as he pulled his fangs from my neck and put his nose to him, 'I'm Samual, by the way. Nice to eat you!'

I felt the tears leak out of my eyes and I started crying like a baby. The blonde vampire roared with laughter at my tears and Samual's feeble joke.

'Get. . .this . . .bloodsucker. ..'I panted, '. . .did you. . did you know that werewolves. ..werewolves can turn two times a month. . .? The day. . .after the. . .full moon is still a touchy.. . time for us. ..' I gritted my teeth and filled my mind with vile, twisted thoughts.

My back snapped and my body writhed in the vampires arms.

But my transformation was stopped short as he returned to my neck, tearing off my skin with his teeth.

I screamed, my transformation went wrong, a vampire was slowly draining my body of blood, I didn't know what had happened to Dylan and because of my failed transformation; my body had many critical bone-breaks.

Crap. All I wanted was to go home, sit in front of the telly and eat toast. But instead, I get landed with death.

Fun times.

The End

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