William: Vampires

I ran a hand through my hair again as I got dressed, cursing my youthful appearance. I had qualified as a teacher several years after I was turned, but my young appearance caused me to constantly go through the entire process again each time I moved. Last time I’d managed to make it to around thirty before people began to question how young I looked. It did not best please me.

I had yet to experience whether this was a trait shared by all werewolves but perhaps I could find out here. After all, where there are vampires, there are always werewolves.

I sprinted to the school I was training at, barely even breaking a sweat. The cool morning air brushed against my skin, sending delicious shivers down my spine. I’d always enjoyed the feeling of the cold against my skin. I slowed my pace to a gentle stroll, enjoying the walk til something set my senses on edge. I glanced around, scenting the air. Vampires. At least three of them.

I made my way cautiously into the school, doing my best to catch a glimpse of one of the vampires I could smell. I caught sight of a girl with bright red hair who could possibly have been one of them but the stench of the humans surrounding them blocked her scent to be entirely sure. This could prove to be troublesome.


I felt something bristle up my spine as the scent of vampire wafted into the classroom I was in. I’d decided to train to be an English teacher this time around and had so far spent the day appalled at the lack of knowledge in the young minds of each class I attempted to teach. None of them had the desire to learn.

I spun around, determined to find the source of the vampire scent. Eventually I caught sight of the red-haired girl again. So she was a vampire. Interesting. 

The End

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