Cody: others

I looked out of the window, wincing as the too-bright, sterile light of the English morning sunlight slit through the semi-darkness of my room. I'll tell you something about English sunlight: it's weird. It's bright, and it still has the power to irritate and burn me, but it's not what you would call warm. I mean, maybe that's just something to do with the fact I come from Nevada originally, but whatever. I still found the sun here totally weird.  I slid the curtains back across quickly, shutting the light out again.

See, most vampires don't have to worry about this sun allergy that humans seem to think we have. But me? Oh no, not that freaking simple. I was already photosensitive as a human - it brought me out in a rash and I got some wicked sunburn if I stayed out too long. Being a vampire seems to have just made it worse. I still get a couple hours before I burn up, but the rash spreads pretty fast.

Which is why English sun annoys me. Because I can't even try to enjoy its heat. It just sits there in the sky, mocking me.

My alarm clock went off at that point and I silenced it quickly, moving into baby bro's room to go wake him up for school. Since I was unemployed, mom made me look after him. I didn't really want to be the one to tell her that the reason he's failing school was not because he's lazy or late, but because most of the time he was too stoned to really care about working.

"Rayn," I said, shaking him, "Rayn, you gotta get up."

"Don't wanna," he mumbled sleepily, rolling away from me. With a sigh, I opened the curtains, doing my best to keep myself out of the light. He groaned and pulled the comforter up over his face. Which I promptly ripped away from him. I guess that's one good thing about the whole vampire thing - I'm stronger now. I may look puny and like I can barely hold up my own body, let alone anything else, but I could probably carry a ten ton truck no problem.

"Rayn, mom's gonna flay me alive if I don't get you into school on time, ‘cause you're about this far away from being kicked out," I held my thumb and finger about a centimetre apart. "So get your lazy ass out of bed."


Needless to say, he wasn't too happy about me dragging him out of bed and making him get dressed, but we got out the front door eventually. I might've had to carry him most of the way to school to get him there on time, but at least he hopefully would have avoided detention again.

As he dragged himself off into school, I looked around. A faint whiff of something inhuman had caught my senses. I peered out from under my hood, trying to find where the scent had come from. There were at least two other vampires nearby, but I couldn't see them.

I was going to find them, you mark my words. 


The End

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