Raven: I Wonder...

School? I would've thought being one of the un-dead would get you a 'get out of jail free' card. Unless she actually wanted to go to school. What am I saying? She still has human feelings and memories.

 But what if school was fun. I mean, I'd bet being a vampire means having a lot more room for knowledge, and maybe I'd get quite smart for once. Maybe I might not be dyslexic any more. Hmm...

 I decided to follow Ember. She'd know I was following her, so when I find her, I'd just have to explain why I was following her. It took one sniff, and I knew where she was. I closed my eyes, and let my feet do the work. I didn't think I moved, but when I opened my eyes, I was behind a bush, still running. I could see Ember running.

 I stopped myself, and decided to take it slowly, and run at a human pace through the woods.

The End

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