Ember: Just another day

'Well, I should probably be going now. I got school in the morning.' I chuckled.

'You go to school?' Raven raised his eyebrow.

I shrugged nonchalantly.

'It keeps my life as normal as possible, which was what you need when you're an immortal.' I winked at him.

'Right well, thanks for saving my life I guess. See you around?'

'Maybe. Who knows?'

And then I was gone.

The sky was beginning to lighten and the sun's rising figure cast an autumn glow across the trees, stretching the shadows along the ground, tinting the grass amber. It was a beautiful sight and it was one of the many reasons morning was my favourite time of the day. It resembled a new start, a new beginning. The birth of a day. The chance to start a fresh, leaving the past behind you.

I headed back home to clean up, wiping the blood from around my mouth. I wasn't normally a messy eater, but this time I had been careless, thinking too much about the consequences of my kill, of the sodding foxes. My conscience got in the way a lot of the time which always made my life harder. Humanity had refused to leave as I'd become a vampire, something that rarely happened. I guess you could say I was one of the "good ones".

As the day was warm I decided to wear a simple vest top and a denim skirt. I pulled a brush through my wild red hair and lined my eyes with black kohl before heading downstairs. To my intense surprise I found it was already 8am. How fast had the time gone? I was going to be late for school at this rate.

The End

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