I tucked my t-shirt into the waistband of my skinny jeans, glaring a little as it threatened to slip back out again. Screw you then, shirt. I twisted around to face the werewolf walking towards me. He looked kinda confused by the fact I was just hanging around there in the tree like I did that every day. Which I did, mostly.

"Well you're not baby bro," I chuckled slightly.

"Really?" he rolled his eyes.

"I'd be worried if you were to be honest," I sniffed the air slightly, hiding a tiny little grimace at the stink of a wolf that had come to be a ripe old age.

"What makes you so sure I haven't eaten him?"

"Because he sent me a text five minutes ago, telling me to wait for him here. And because he's a human, and you wouldn't harm a poor little innocent human, now, would you?" He shrugged at that and I arched an eyebrow just a little bit. I thought it was supposed to be us vampire types that werewolves tore to shreds in a transformation, not humans.

"May I ask what you're doing?" he asked, giving me the curious face.

"Waiting for the baby bro," I said. I thought I'd made at least that much pretty obvious. He chuckled a little.

"I meant why are you hanging upside down from a tree?"

"I was sitting on the branch, but it's easier to hang down than climb down if it's not the person I'm waiting for," I smiled.

"Curious," he said to himself.

"Not really, I'm just too lazy to climb back up once I'm down."

He nodded, "I take it you have a name?"

"Cody," I replied, wondering why he wanted to know. "And yourself?

"William. William Hardy."

"What, like the writer? Or was that someone else with the name Hardy?" He just laughed. Well excuse me for having never cared much for literature. Apparently my indignance showed.

"Sorry, I meant no offence," he said. I thought for a moment, pretty much ignoring his apology.

"It was Thomas Hardy, wasn't it?" he nodded and I flashed him a small smile.

"Well, I suppose I better be going," he said, returning my smile. I nodded, still kinda wondering why he was so friendly. Y'know I thought vampires and werewolves were s'posed to hate each other. I mean, I'm personally not all that fussed, ‘cause if I like a person, I like them, regardless of what they are. "Good bye," he said.

"See ya," I muttered back, already tuning in on a new set of footsteps as the werewolf's faded out into the distance. I looked round, seeing the baby bro practically dragging his guitar across the floor, looking pretty beat.

"Hey Cody," he smiled as I dropped down out of the tree, landing on my feet like a cat. But less graceful. And not as pretty.

"You look like you need a bed," I laughed a little as he came to a stop in front of me.

"I feel like I need carrying back home," he said, oh-so subtly hinting at it. I rolled my eyes and crouched down, letting him climb on my back. "You should really get round to telling mom and dad about this," he mumbled tiredly, before drifting off to sleep on me.

The End

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