I smiled as I slipped on my familiar shirt, the cool linen a relief against the warmth of my skin. That was the thing I always found about the full moon; it seemed to set my skin on fire in that warm, tingly way. I’d spent enough years transforming to have outgrown the pain but I still felt the ache in my muscles as I pulled on my waistcoat.

I ran a hand through my light blonde hair, yawning slightly. Time for a nap, I think.

Ah yes, that means getting home first. Bollocks.

I ambled through the trees, not entirely sure which way I was heading. I must sound like a pretty useless werewolf, eh? I could’ve told you which way I was heading if anyone had asked, but I preferred to not think about it and simply follow my feet.

I generally ran into less vampires that way.

Apparently today wasn’t going to be one of the lucky ones, though, as the scent of vampire slowly drifted into my nose. I sighed and kept walking. I’d never particularly gotten along with vampires, especially not immediately after a full moon.

I hesitated a little when I reached the spot where the scent was strongest. A scent but no vampire. Curious. I glanced up as I heard the slightest of movements in one of the trees.  This is why I don’t like vampires, they have a habit of sneaking up on you.

Hanging from a tree branch by his legs was a strange creature indeed. His shirt was sliding down, covering his face. Most peculiar indeed. I wasn’t entirely sure as to whether he was a threat or not. He didn’t look all that strong and he didn’t smell all that old but there was definitely something about him that set me on edge.

The End

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