Meet Dylan

Dylan woke up, feeling quite cold, he grumbled as he stood up and patted around for his clothes.

'Oh. . .my. ..god!'  A girls voice squeaked, 'ahh! cover yourself, dude!'

'Oh! I'm sorry!'Dylan shouted, pulling on his clothes super fast, 'sorry!'

'What the heck are you doing in my wo-- I mean, these woods?'She demanded, 'are you some sort of drug addict?'


'Then why are you here? Was there a rave? That would be bad, people can't come in here. . .' The girl muttered, her voice trailing off.

'Why are you here?'Dylan asked quickly.

'Don't be stupid, it was a full-- Umm. ..I was walking my dog!' She backtracked.

'Where is the dog?' Dylan asked, raising his eyebrows. He wondered what this kid was up to.

'He.  . .um. . . Well, my brother, yeah, my brother took him back.'She mumbled, skooting her shoes on the floor. I noticed that her skin and hair were matted with mud and leaves and twigs.

'Are you a werewolf?' Dylan blurted, the ginger girl's head snapped up and she backed away shaking her head.

'. . .n-n-no! There's no way. . .Nope. Not at all!' She said in a high pitched voice, she was exiting the scene quickly. Then a scent filled Dylan's nostrils and made him feel like gagging.

'Vampires!' We both gasped, and from that moment on, they both knew they were the same.

'We have to go! They'll kill us!' The ginger girl nearly wept, Dylan could tell that she was really, really scared of those hideous beasts.

'Don't worry, they wont be able to harm us. I wont let them. But, please, tell me your name!' Dylan ordered her.

'My name is Crimson, what's yours?' She mumbled, rubbing the tears out of her eyes and started walking towards him.

'Dylan. Now get behind me.'He told her sternly and the pair of werewolves braced themselves for the vampire which were walking their way...


The End

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