Raven: Exploration

I found it weird that the others hadn't come to look for me by then. I had been away for twelve hours, two minutes and twenty-six -no, twenty-seven seconds.

 Hmm, an internal clock. That could come in handy. 

 It was still sorta dark, but that just changed the colours of everything, it didn't make it less visible. I wandered around the forest for a while, exploring my new home. I would definitely love to camp out here one night. It would be so fun.

 I went around the forest, jumping from rock to rock with inhuman speeds, landing on them like a cat, crouching down with my hands set firmly together on the rocks. I smiled with anticipation before every jump. I also jumped like a cat, on all fours. Except a cat couldn't jump from one rock to another one twenty-two feet away, especially with ease.

 I was laughing like a mad-man when I heard muffled laughter come from the trees. I instantly crouched down, and snarled quietly. I whipped my head around to check if there was anyone there. When I was sure, I pounced into the trees onto the person that was laughing. It was the vampire that I thought I'd killed.

 Suddenly, there was a flash of movement in my peripheral vision.

The End

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