Raven: Why?

I was taken to a large house in the middle of a forest. It was on a hill, so it had stilts at the front. It had a theme of black and cream, and looked very modern. It was made of two blocks, and the back and front wall was one large window. Next to it was a stream, and I could hear it rushing along, calming me.

 I listened into the forest, expecting to hear wildlife, but instead I hear voices, one of them was lyrical and flowing, and the other was... in pain.

 I flashed into the forest, trying to detect the voices, and then I saw them. There was a girl on the floor, writhing in pain, and looming over her was a man that looked like he wanted to kill the girl. This thought went on for a half a second. The other half consisted of me tackling the man to the ground, and pinning him down. He struggled, but I was stronger than him. I turned around to see tufts of fur appear from the girl's skin.

The End

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