Crimson's Moon

I rushed back from school, the dark winter night was closing in and I had to hurry.

I opened the door to my brothers house and quickly swapped my school bag to my change of clothes.

'I'm off bro!'I shouted, slamming the door, I ran down the street and headed for the nearby woods, it was getting dark, and the moon was rising at a fast rate.

My back bone clicked, 'OWWW!' I cried, but carried on running; ignoring the bones that were cracking all over my body. I pushed my aching legs to their limits as I used my last ounce on energy to sprint into the depths of the woods.

I chucked my bag to one side and fell to the floor, screaming in pain.

Salty tears streamed down my cheeks and dripped into my slowly transforming body. My jaw bone snapped and shoved itself into it's new form. My arm popped out of it's socket and I shrieked in agony as my body made odd noises as it transformed.

'Oh my. Well have a look at the ugly dog.'  A voice cackled. Vampire; my nose picked it up instantly.

'GO! LEAVE!' I screamed as I writhed on the floor and my clothes ripped.

'Nah, I think I'll play fetch with you once your a proper mutt.' He giggled, leaning up against a tree.

Why were all vampires twisted? The day I find a kind vampire is the day I stop being a werewolf. That was my last clear thought before my wolf senses. . .

The End

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