Raven: New

When I looked around, I noticed that everything was more bright, vibrant, and more... vivid. Everything was clearer and more defined. HD, would be a good way to describe it, but even more so. If my eyesight was any clearer, I think I would've been able to see through things.

 "I think he's round here." I heard a voice, as clear as if it was coming from right next to my ear, but when I looked around, I saw that there was no-one around. I'd known of vampires before, but only in stories, so I decided to test it out. I breathed in through my nose, and I could smell everything. Including the two humans about to turn a corner to see me on the floor.

 I got up within a sixteenth of a second, and flashed behind a wheelie bin in a quicker time. I knew that if it took such a short time to get to the wheelie bin, then I could probably scale the building before the people even get close to turning the corner. 

 I jumped up and grabbed onto a pole sticking out of the wall, about twelve feet from the floor. I flipped over it gracefully, and nearly flew to the top of the building. I crouched down at the edge, and listened to their conversation.

 "I don't understand! He was lying right here, sir. Maybe he" I heard the voice of a young man, probably in his twenties.

 "Maybe nothing, Kyle. He's turned, and now he's probably off killing people by now. Well done, this was a very great job. You were s'posed to keep an eye on him!" This voice was older, and more rough. It sounded like behind his voice was a deep rumbling sound.

 "Sir, it was my first time! Please don't fire me or anything! I-I'll find him!" Kyle exclaimed, obviously terrified of losing this... job. I frowned. His job was me.

 "Get him back! Or else." Said the older man's voice. I heard footsteps getting fainter and fainter. I decided that this man couldn't do me harm, so I free fell to the ground in front of him. He gasped, but then went quickly into action.

 "Oh thank God! You have to come with me!" he exclaimed, grabbing my arm and pulling me along.

The End

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