Ember: Dreams

My eyes fluttered open.

Glancing over at my alarm clock I saw it was dead on seven o clock. Talk about timing.

Dragging myself reluctantly out of bed, I slammed my fist on my brother's door.

'WHAT?! he roared from the other side. My brother was not a morning person. 

'Get up!' I yelled back.

'Get lost!' 

Fantastic. Another perfect morning in my life.

An hour later, I was dressed in my favorite over sized grey sweater and black leggings. The sweater had a black wolf howling at the moon stitched onto the front, little diamonds sewn into the darkness representing stars. It had been a going away present from my mother before she left for her holiday. I guessed she felt bad about leaving my brother and me alone for a week, but I was perfectly fine with it, especially if it meant I got free presents out of it.

Facing myself in the mirror one final time, I decided to leave my hair as it was, hanging poker straight and bright red past my shoulders. My hair drew a lot of attention, but I didn't care. I liked it, sod what everyone else thought.

'Em, remember I'm not gonna be home tonight, I'm going round Carla's.' my brother appeared beside me.

I scrunched my nose up.

'Don't pull that face okay? I couldn't care less if you don't like her.'


'Get out,' he was fighting laughter now. 'Have a good day.'

'Thanks, you too,' I forced a smile, not wanting to leave on a bad note. 

The morning air was bitter, stinging my cheeks. I tugged my jacket tighter around my body and decided I would take a short cut to school this morning. It was a dangerous route, but it saved me twenty minutes. 

Instead of continuing down the road, I turned right, crossed over and headed into the alleyways that ran behind the houses. 

I quickened my pace, praying I wouldn't run into trouble. 

Fences surrounded me on either side, towering above me making an easy escape impossible. I told myself I wouldn't need an easy escape, nothing was going to happen to me. I would get to school and laugh about how paranoid I was with my friends. They'd all joke with me, telling me I was always worrying and I was going to go grey early.

I smiled at the thought and began to relax.

Until something growled behind me.

I whirled round, expecting to see a stray dog or cat but I found myself staring into magnificent blue eyes. The guy in front of me looked down at me curiously, he was incredibly tall, six foot three at least. His hair, white blonde, stuck up in tufts and almost blended with his chalky pallor. 

I was instantly alert.

'Can I help you?'

Why the hell had I just said that... This guy, extremely intimidating, was probably going to hurt me and I'd just asked him if I could help him... Good one Ember, I thought.

He didn't reply, he just continued to stare at me.

'Okay, well...' I didn't like to turn my back on this stranger, but I found no other choice. The alleyway was too narrow to do much else.

However, as soon as I was facing away from him, he grabbed my hair and tugged my head back. Before I could react properly, something pierced my skin, at the base of my neck. Something sharp and burning. Something cold.



I snapped my eyes open instantly. 

A dream. Another one.

I had been having a lot of them recently, all about the same thing; how I had turned. I didn't know why they chose to make an appearance now, I had been dead for well over a hundred years. Each dream all revolved around the same thing, but tiny insignificant details always changed to adapt the lifestyle I was in. For instance, my clothes. I would never have worn clothes like that back when I was human. Nobody would.

I sighed, deep and thoughtful. 

When were they ever going to stop?

The End

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