I stumbled out of bed at half seven, feeling a little groggy. I rubbed my eyes and peeked out of the window. The sun was shining strongly and it hurt my eyes.

'Crimson?! Are you up?' My older brother, who I live with, yelled. Banging on the door like there was no tomorrow.

'Yuhh. . ..'I grumbled as I pulled on my dressing gown, and opened the door. I sniffed, bacon. . .he was cooking bacon.

'Crimson! Get the hell up! Or I'll feed the bacon to the cat!'He shouted, he was already downstairs again.

'Brady... what date is it today?'I mumbled as I slid down the stairs on my butt because I was too lazy to do it on my feet.

'. . .Crimson, you did know it was full moon tonight, right?' He asked carefully. I paused as I sat down to the table and nodded.

My brother was the only person who knew what I was except myself. That's why we ran away, to hide me. I renamed myself Crimson Stark and started a new life, lying low with my brother.

'Can you drive me to Hickelsbury woods?'I asked quietly. It was always awkward when we talked about this.

'I can. To you want me to drag around a chicken for you whilst your at school?'


'Well!' He smiled, trying to lighten the mood, 'here's your bacon buttie, once you've eaten it, get dressed or you'll be late!'

'Kay.'I grinned as I tore a chunk off the meaty breakfast sandwich hungrily.

My life was the same everyday. Wake up, food, school, sleep. It only changed once a month, on a full moon. . . 

The End

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