A collaborative about a group of mythical creatures (vampires and werewolves) who are fighting, but some of them end up falling in love... Just read on to find more out :)


"Raven," came the sweet, soothing voice of my adopted mother one morning at around seven o'clock.

 "What?!" I roared back, tired and angry as I pulled my duvet over my face. I heard her sigh,

 "You know it's time to get up for school. C'mon, or do I have to get the water out?" she threatened. I shot up as fast a possible, smiled apologetically at my mum, and walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, which reflected a teenage boy with pale skin, blue eyes and long black hair that touched his dark eyebrows.

 I breathed in and started to get washed. I washed my hair thoroughly, because it got greasy so easily.

 After I'd brushed my teeth, cleaned my face and the rest of my body, I walked out with a towel round my waist, and walked slowly to my room, which was opposite the bathroom. I inhabited a large room, with a big bed at the far left corner, with an Avril Lavigne poster above it, and a bedside table next to it, which held a small lamp and a copy of one of the 'Vampire Diaries' on it. On the opposite side of my room were a set of wardrobes which had mirrors as doors, and on one of them was a body-length poster of Hayley Williams singing into an orange microphone, which was almost her trade mark.

 I picked out an outfit which consisted of a pair of black skinny jeans, a plain white 'Skinny-Fit' top, and a black and blue striped cardigan.

 After breakfast, I left to go to school. I took a familiar route, which consisted of an alley which was nick-named 'Danger Alley' by the youth of the village I lived in on the outskirts of England.

 I got a bit nervous when a man in a hat and a trench coat appeared behind me. I mean, he could've just been going to work. He seemed nice, but still... this was Danger Alley...

 And then he attacked me.

 I remember pain in my neck, and a lot of burning, and then I felt as cold as dry ice... in fact, colder! But the strange thing was, I felt comfortable.

 And that's when I became a vampire...

The End

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