Be prepared is what I was always taught. Well, after waiting about a month from when the team was set up, I decided that patience was a virtue that could wait for awhile. Besides, leaving for Thessaloniki early would allow me to assimilate with my surroundings more appropriately.

Going through the airport was a breeze. Well after I hacked into airport security through a chip that I created that would look just like a screw to anyone else. That will be useful in the future. The Greek will take some time to get used to, however that will be one of the benefits of having left early.

From there, I took a rental car and drove to the beach. The perfect spot to try and hack into security cameras, traffic lights,bank accounts, and etc. Plus, with all the people there I would in a better situation to learning some Greek. Lastly though, is that not many people are going to question what you are doing at the beach. Which, would be a little strange since I would have to respond that I'm stealing a substantial amount of diamonds from a criminal mastermind, and then plan on living my life in absolute luxury from then on. Although that would leave a fantastic first impression.

The End

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