Two Months

The door of the coffee shop jingled as it opened. I walked right up to the counter and ordered, not looking around. Ouch, the coffee cup was hot. I sipped slowly, feeling under the cardboard cover for the note i knew would be there. I found it. I slipped it out, and unfolded the small piece of paper.


two months

Cryptic as usual, I sipped at my coffee again, tucking the note back under the cardboard. I'd definitely be there. I pushed the door open and ran right into the guy with the colorful raincoat, spilling my coffee.

My coffee! I yelled it inside my head, just staring on the outside.

"Oh, oops, sorry little lady!" The colorful man quipped and walked away waving. I bent to pick up my spilled coffee cup, finding another note.

See you in two months!

I smiled at the note, slipping it into my pocket. I looked after the colorful man and his darkly dressed friend about ten yards ahead. I nodded in a sort of wave and turned to walk back to my apartment. Two months.

The End

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