The Best of the Best.

I sat back, looking at the maps spread out on the desk before me, covered in ink, marking different routs, to and different places.  At least four great cities looked up at me from the large flat space. I smiled at the "Message Sent" Icon on my computer screen, which had somehow escaped the roving pen. The finished plan had been sent to the wheelman via an untraceable email, designed by computer hacker Maxwell Hobbes. He was already on his way to the rendezvous point.  We were gonna need the best of the best for this job.

I closed my laptop, looked around the abandoned office building I'd been using as an office and smiled again. Untraceable, that was my team. We split up between each job, making sure that the team survived. I stood and gathered up the maps, folding each carefully and putting everything in my computer bag. I walked quickly down the stairs, then out the main doors, which were covered in Caution tape.

I drove my car to the airport, returned it to its rental company and shuttled my way to the flight. It was all arranged, our small team of five would be setting up at the rendezvous city in two months. Too impatient to wait around here, I would go early, see some sights, set up HQ and wait around there. At least it was a city I'd never been to before. On my way to the airplane I picked up a English/Greek dictionary.

The End

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