Let It Begin

The plan seemed foolproof. I had done jobs like this before, well somewhat like this. Simple transactions, but enough to get me by. However since everything seems to be digital nowadays, many opportunities have come my way. I'm a hacker in nature, computers just seem to speak to me and I listen, to my benefit.

This job was going to take my full concentration and absolute precision. Not that I couldn't do it. This was the chance of a lifetime, to be one of the richest people on earth. But that's not the only reason I'm in the game. I like a challenge and if I do this, I could take pride in knowing that I did something that no one else has done before. When I saw Bruce at the cafe, I knew that this job was in the bag. I also saw the girl playing with the locks, she didn't know it at the moment, but she was bound to be  a very influential part of the team. But, the team is not yet complete, there were still two more that we needed to be in the game.

I saw them all on my laptop, and could help but laugh at this wonderful situation.

"Haha, well, the pawns are just about set and so it will begin, and all will know the name Maxwell Hobbes"

The End

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