tic tic tic... deep breath. tic tic tic click. The lock swings open. I blow the hair out of my face for the thousandth time and pull open the door. This safe is of course, empty. I just use it for practice because it has a randomizing lock system, so I have to crack it everytime. I glance at my watch 3 minutes 45 seconds, I managed to shave a few seconds off my usual time. Of course I was familiar with this safe, the sounds it made, the tendencies it had. It was like an old friend. I shook my head, i was getting to attached to my big gray box. I needed to get out and make some real friends.

Coffee, I need coffee.

Another lock at the door to the kitchen. This one's easy, 1,2,3 I'm in. It's not for security it's for practice, but I can't be robbed either. So I guess it's handy. Coffee. None in the cupboard. I'd have to go to the shop on the corner. But that's where that weird shifty guy and his brightly dressed friend always hang out. There was something odd about those two, like they were hiding something. I guess I was hiding too, with all my locks. I needed coffee, To the front door then, this one only has a lock on the outside, a key lock. I lock it on my way out. click

The End

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