Butterflies continued...



“Butterfly? If you don’t mind me asking, why have I only got six months? What is going to happen that is so catastrophic?”

“Bambi has the ability to see the future, and well, you could say Stephan just suddenly popped up. We thought it was strange anyway how he had never had a guardian, we mostly attach to new born babies and then change once they have reached twenty one as that is the age that you angels graduate into guardians, with you as an acceptation.” I still didn’t understand what she was saying here, but as if she read my mind she continued.

“Stephan is a special case as he had a set guardian and timing for that guardian, which is you Gliss. Something is going to happen which we cannot predict for the first time, all that we know is that it will happen in six months, so this is all the time that I can give you.” Butterfly carried on saying how she wished I didn’t have to go, but that it was my destiny to go. All I could think about was, how do they know that its not me being his guardian that’s the problem, what if someone else did it, maybe everything will be alright. But then again I guess I was just scared of the outcome if it would go wrong, and would rather push it onto someone else.

Just then something snapped inside of me, it was as if a iron thread had allowed a passage to free a feeling inside of me. No I was going to do this, I wanted to know what would happen, I was intrigued about the real world, this would be fun. Well as fun as it could get for now. Plus I still had a week to consider taking it on and to prepare.

A muffle suddenly sounded in my ears as I woke from my thoughts, “…will start tomorrow, so you best get some rest. While you are on earth you may only return once the six months is over, I’m sorry. It’s just we need you to monitor the whole situation…” Aca continued to babble on about something. TOMORROW, I leave TOMORROW! What? I haven’t thought this through enough, all the bad thoughts where flooding back, I could feel fear and anxiety pumping through my body. And to stay there for the whole six months! And not come home at all. I must have let out a squeal as they both turned to look at me opened mouthed.


The End

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