I looked at Butterfly, her mouth was moving but no sound was escaping it. “what are you talking about?” My face pale, my once red lips drained, even my eyes where no longer an ocean blue but instead a distressing grey.

Butterfly stopped in shock and turned to Aca shouting at him asking why I wasn’t informed. She turned back and smiled at me filling me with warmth, “Now hunny, its nothing bad, I am just giving you a rather difficult case.” The butterflies that had once been in my stomach fluttered up to my heart filling it with a gooey, mushy warmth, the kind you feel when your mother gives you a hug when you’ve had a hard day. I GOT THE APPRENTICESHIP!!! Finally all my hard work paid off.


Butterfly then went on to fill me in about the boy I would be guarding, called Stephan Monsoon the same age as me 17, easy I thought. Except there were problems, well nothing comes to you that easily, one he was trouble and two I’ve never actually experienced the world, living on an island and all. This would be a new experience for me, it all sounded good. Except I had six months to prevent the event that would happen in Eric’s life, if not I would be placed back in limbo and Eric would be a) dead and  b)going to hell. Not a responsibility I would really wish for but I had to do it, I had trained so long, there was not much for angels other then working with mother nature or in the main work at Heavens Gates, but none of that was really for me.


The End

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