Oh, something else I forgot to say, yes just like all those cheesy films and pictures of angles that is exactly what we look like except you earn your wings. They start really tiny almost like butterfly wings drowning on a large body, but as we receive our gold bracelets, each engraved with our angel name and a small gem stone; our wings grow bigger till it’s the size of your entire body just touching the floor. They quiet beautiful actually, huge elegant silk feathers stacked to form two perfect arches when out stretched. When you each the last level, like the elders you receive a special award, a small box with silver thread spun by spirit spiders.

As we reached the tall stairs we entered a rather odd hall way, completely incrusted with diamonds, white butterflies fluttering above our heads. I was looking up towards the ceiling so hard that I fell back only to find that instead of the excruciating pain I was expecting, I received a pleasurably soft landing like a feathered pillow, the white marble flooring seemed like an illusion. Gobsmacked at this sight I didn’t notice butterfly stood in front of me.

“Gliss?”   I felt I heavy hand on my shoulder.

Aca whispered again as I tried to focus back into reality if that’s what you can call this,  “Gliss, Butterfly is trying to talk to you.”

I stumbled for words as I snapped back into it “o..o..oh, erm. Yes. Sorry. Morning Butterfly, your place is breath taking.”

“Thank you Gliss.” I had to try listening harder in fear that her soft, song like voice would flutter away. “I am very pleased with your progress at the academy, most people would be on a level three Guardianship but you have already reached eight. If you carry on like this we could see you up with the elders.” She let out a little giggle.

“Now on a more serious note I have decided to bring you here today and I trust you know the reason why.” It was my judgement day of course so why did she appear so worried. “It is important that you understand Gliss this task is one many have failed out but we do not want another case like yours life is pressures, and you are rather young with little experience as a Guardian, but you are highly skilled and one of the fastest learns, plus the boss believes this is ment for you, so I have no choice but to let you go.

What was she talking about, she was starting to worry me, a Guardians job is nothing to extreme like she was making this out to be, and no Guardian has ever been put into danger. Am I in danger?

The End

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