We'll be watching you

A guardian angel, Gliss is sent down to look to look after a rather rebelious Tony, but through her time spent with him she begins to have feelings for him, and goes against the first guideline of heaven - revealing ones self.
Through her battle against her feelings and with the court of Galonica, will she find love in return or will her forbidden love forever be a whisper in her heart...



I was born on a small unknown island, Galartica hidden in the middle of the pacific sea, or at least I thought I was born there, that is what my sister Jade tells me.  Jade liked to keep a lot of stuff to herself, like not actually being my sister and how she was just about to....

Now just to clear things, I’m what’s called as a Guardian Angel, ever heard of one? Well we are angels sent from heaven to guide and look after you, making sure you don't go before your time or come off the course you are destined for, a very timely and frustrating job but it is in are nature to do so.

murder me.

As I walked up towards the tall stone building, embroidered with gold and with pillars that if on earth would reach up to the heavens. Surrounding it were glistening crystal blue fountains with a soft white toroth forming as it touched the still waters edge; people circled all around the building entering and leaving, each one with a different expression on their face. Today was my judgement day after years of training and working my way out of limbo, thanks to my oh so pleasant death, I would now be told whether I was ready to be placed back on earth, a place I hardly knew, know isn’t that exciting!  Yet I wasn’t feeling it, as how could such a beautiful place feel so intimidating to me, and how was it that my feet where glued into place.

“Now come on Gliss your five minutes late, I had to come all the way out here to fly you in. You know Butterfly doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”


The End

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