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Original science-fiction exercise.

    { B E F O R E } Science was a booming industry. So much technology was advancing these days, people were blowing money on something one day and the next, the better version was out. It was pandemonium. Eventually, what with the materials being used, and all the plants and animals dying from the pollution, a sickness erupted all over the globe. It began in the major cities, like Paris, New York and Rome. It was like a plague - people dropping down everywhere. The pandemonium turned into panic. People were always fearful - what was it? How did you get it? Would it happen to them? Scientists, bombarded with requests for answers, sped up their search. They found out that it was a rare gas, created from the morphing and fusing of all the other pollution, that was not compatible with the human system. The public then hounded them for a cure. They rushed its creation and released it, sending out the message that if you didn't get the cure, then death was imminent.

    { D U R I N G } Regret. That was the last constant emotion of all the scientists. The sickness fought against them with everything it had. Scientists were eventually forced to build imitation humans to help around the globe with work - it was the Bototronic Operative Terminal, BOT for short. They had created the ultimate robot - it was designed to act like a human and it had very limited weaknesses. It was indestructible, unless you got into it's brain system, it ran on oxygen, and it had several auto-weapons stored within the metal shell. In short, it was rare that one would die. Which was rather unfortunate, because these robots, built to capacitate emotions so it would obey commands more efficiently, turned on their masters and killed them. Seven billion, five-hundred million, two-hundred and eighty-nine thousand, four hundred and one people died. Those who survived, escaped. The robots turned the world into their own haven of destruction, rage and fury fueling their every movements.

    { A F T E R } After the Uprising, humans were forced into hiding on their own planet. Many died, unable to cope with standards lower than what they were accustomed to, or simply unable to survive in the wilderness. Others were killed by the BOTs. And yet others, they still survive. It has been three years since the Uprising. In that time, another fifty-thousand, two hundred and eight have died from natural causes, twice that number from murder and assassination. More remain unknown. Life goes on as routine, nowadays. Hiding during the day, coming out at night only if completely necessary. Dodging the hordes of BOTs that wander like sentries, and eating barely a meal every three days. Underneath all this, however, a small organization was formed, the USB - the Uprising Survivor's Battalion. The USB consists of doctors, lawyers, scientists, laborers - anybody that wishes to work against the BOTs through assassination and risky escapades. The USB is where our story begins, but where it ends, only time will tell..
    Requirement: Write me a story around this plotline.
    Chapters: Minimum of three
    Everything else is up to you.
The End

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