"Welcome to Pharaoh Pharmaceuticals" 18 Fantasy Concept Drugs

These are just some really outrageous drug ideas I came up with, they were for a story about a shadow pharmaceutical company that manufactures and tests experimental mind-altering substances. Sort of abandoned the story itself but here are most of the drugs I came up with during the pre-write.

Eroticaine” : User experiences carnal bliss unlike anything in the natural world. On Eroticaine, the mind becomes its own endless orgy of transient, orgasmic depravity and perversion.

“Panglypherine” : A hallucinogen that labels everything. Nothing exciting here, just floating words.

Umbroxipan” : A remarkably potent hallucinogen that stimulates the regions of the brain associated with spirituality and religion. This drug will cause an entire mythos to unfold from within you over the course of a few hours. May experience the strong urge to write out this new religion tirelessly in a blank notebook which will then serve as the definitive holy text for your new religion. Vivid hallucinations of a deeply spiritual nature have also been known to occur.

“Entropin” : The structure of the user’s mind is completely deconstructed and left in a temporarily chaotic state for a few hours, user cannot perform even the most basic of tasks while on the effects of Entropin, nothing makes sense and it is impossible to even produce a coherent train of thought. User is likely to experience major depression for a period of several weeks following this experience.

“Necrozine” : A drug which simulates the experience of dying, without actually posing a serious health risk. It is potentially traumatic to the user’s psyche, however.

“Trypneutralitrite” : The art gallery drug. Paintings come to life and suck you into their world. Extremely vivid hallucinations. User emerges from each encounter with profound understanding of the art piece in question. Can also be experienced on a more personal level if the user draws his/her own images while on the drug.

“Egochrome” : The most introspective substance imaginable. Like being immersed in a movie about yourself, starring yourself, with commentaries by yourself. Learn more about the “real you” than you ever wanted to. Can potentially induce long-term personality change in the user. Not recommended for particularly extroverted test subjects.

“Metametamine” : User experiences an acute awareness of internal organs, achieves a temporarily complete understanding of what is going on “behind the scenes” with his lungs, heart, digestive tract, nervous system, etc. Common side effect is nausea.

“Bistroxen” : The primary effect of this drug is an absolutely remarkable appetite. The user perceives everything as edible and distinctly delicious, even other test subjects. Potentially fatal if the user fills his/her stomach beyond its natural capacity, or consumes a toxic substance or choking hazard. Close supervision is recommended.

“Pantocyclizine” : Limited awareness of fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions of reality. User is likely to panic once the effects take hold, as the human brain is not equipped to process such input with any degree of success.

“Neoquestra” : A quixotic hallucinogen which causes the user to experience intense delusions of grandeur, believing himself/herself to be a hero in some perceived adventure to save the world. User will insist that inanimate objects are living foes, and subjects have been known to successfully escape the enrichment center despite believing that it is an enemy stronghold filled with wizards and heavily armored soldiers.

“Polyphysiphylamide” : The user experiences the paradoxical sensation of being everywhere in his/her surrounding environment at once, every point in space feeling somehow occupied.

“Protoeuclidicaine” : User experiences a vivid expansion of his/her imaginative faculties, images conjured in the mind’s eye seem far more detailed and tangible, can actually be smelled/heard/seen and sometimes interacted with. Fantasies that the user invents within the mind can be participated in and enjoyed on a much deeper, sensual level. Go anywhere, do anything, create anything, be anyone. The fantasy drug. WARNING: Do NOT administer protoeuclidicaine to any subject who is suspected of being an artist.

“Chronoxophen »” : A basic capsule identified by the fastforward symbol which is printed on the surface of the pill. After taking this drug, the user’s brain will project hypothetical future events based on the user’s memories and present environment, and then simulate the experience of participating in said events. Essentially takes you into the future, potentially several different futures, none of which are guaranteed to be accurate projections of what will actually take place.

“Chronoxophen «” : A basic capsule identified by the rewind symbol which is printed on the surface of the pill. This drug allows the user to revisit past events, even those which cannot be explicitly remembered by the user. The effects are strictly psychological and illusory, the user does not actually travel into the past, but rather travels into his memories of the past (which may or may not be accurate representations of what really happened)

“Meteor Sludge” : User experiences intense emotions that are directed exclusively towards plant life. Can be in love with a ficus plant, mad with rage at a fern. The full spectrum of human emotion is potentially applicable to plants for a short period of time. User often experiences delusional conversations with the plant, believing that it is carrying on an insightful discussion with the organism.

“Cognichrome” : The polymath pill. Induces temporary inflation of mental faculties to the level of genius intellect, it is recommended that the user have access to extremely challenging reading material for the duration of the trial, this is to distract the subject from devising an escape plan while enhanced by the drug. Effects last approximately 10 minutes.

“Proton Salts” : Drug allows user to perceive entire spectrum of light wavelengths (x-ray, ultraviolet, gamma ray, microwave, radio, etc.) but is also temporarily deprived of ability to perceive visible light.

“Pheroplasm+” : Sophisticated hallucinogen that temporarily creates a fully interactive representation of user’s ideal romantic partner. High potential for addiction. Memory wipes usually required once the drug has worn off, otherwise user is subject to suicidal behavior.

The End

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