Welcome to Hell But I’ll Call it Heaven

We had to write about how we viewed the world in class and this is what i came up with :3

welcome to hell but ill call it heaven cause this is as good as it gets.

The food is rotten but close your eyes its a grand feast. The clothes are singed in torn but its so damn hot here that nobody cares. You wont sleep, just close your eyes and pretend to dream but they'll only be beautiful nightmares, if that,  that make you bolt up and scream for help, but help will never come. Your enemies are your friends and your friends are your enemies and they all want to hurt you but dont worry you'll do the same to them and not even know it.You live were you please, a grand palace perhaps but at best it will be a broken cardboard box that smells of death and rats. You can smoke, drink and blaze but you'll never get drunk or high you'll just puke and gag and wish it would end as you lay there unable to move. You'll never see many people if any at all they all just lurk about waiting to pounce, theres just shadows that follow you everywhere and disappear and appear when you least expect it.  You'll think your crazy but dont fret so is everyone else and after a week or so you wont even think about saying crazy you'll be delusional, schizophrenic, and believe me nothing will seem sane.  People will sneek up behind you and stab you and hurt you,

but welcome to hell but ill call it heaven because this is as good as it get.

The End

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