Ilithieriel-Well, that's interesting...

Hmm....Yet another guest, and this one has cats, on her head?!?!  What!?  I sigh as I try to calm myself and just except this, after all this is "Castle Weirdo" and weirder things have happened here, and probably will happen again.  I sigh as I regain my composure.  Then I smile and change to be around 4 feet tall instead of my usual 3 inches.  This should prove exciting, although I have to wonder how she manages to keep those cats from falling off....  "Welcome to the castle, my name is Ilithieriel, your room is this way.  By the way what are you called?"

"My name is Ruby." the girl answered, she seemed slightly distracted but then, wouldn't you be if you had 3 cats on your head?

"Your room will change acording to what you want so plaese be careful what you wish for, as in this castle it's entirely possible that you will infact get it, and probably not the way you expect."  I then smiled at her, "Alright so besides that this castle should be (relativly) safe so have fun!"  With that said I escorted her to her room and then returned to the main entrance.  I had really better find an improved method of greeting these new comers, as this old way is getting aweful boring and repetative. 

After sitting there for a while I decided it would pobably be best if I went to check on the little girl who had arived earlier.  When I got to her room I found her bouncing on her lacy, frilly, obviously rather bouncy bed, still surrounded by her seemingly impenatratable bubble, smiling happilly to herself.  I found myself smiling too as I returned to my place in the entrance hall.  At least someone is enjoying herself, I thought silently, I hope the other one will be soon as well. 

I then resumed my rather tedious watch of the door, and a thought struck me, I really need to get an automatic  system to greet new comers for me, then I could get back to running the castle.  Its been empty of all but me for so long...I hope it can still function properly for the survival of its inhabitants...  Oh well, I guess what will be, will be not much I can do about it.  I'll just enjoy these new people while they stay, but inevitabely these people to will eventually leave, and I shall be alone in this castle once again.  I shook my head to clear it of these grim thoughts.  It does me no good to think of the future, I'll only get depressed.  So I chose to enjoy this while it lasts!  I laughed quietly to myself, and then resumed my watch.

The End

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