ruby~where am I??

Oooo its dark in here where am I? I sweep my light brown hair back. “Meow” evilly meows my cat. He doesn't like it when I move my head or sweep back my hair, as I love cats, I put them on my head well. I nearly always wear jiffy my first cat on my head. I’ve had him since I was 1027 (I was tiny then) now I'm 1160 still young . I'm mad about cats so I have 46 and I have jiffy, mittens and Toby on my head. And I have 43 cats in my special bag, because 3 cats are on my head. In my special bag that looks small but it's really big on the inside. I've been in there myself its like a house.

oooo I see a light I fly over there. "Hello" shouts someone from the inside.

The End

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