Hello.  My name is Ilithieriel.  I have been watching over this castle since before I can remember.  People have come, and gone like the wind passing into memory.  I have recently felt the castle preparing itself for new arrivals and I knew that I shall cease to be alone soon, at least for a while.  Sometimes I tire of being an immortal, I almost wish that I could just live a short time and then die, but then I would miss out on all these "Hello"s.  I still wonder if its worth it to get away from the "Good-bye"s.  I take comfort from the fact that in this castle, time is sort of faded, and you only age if you choose to do so.  I hope new friends come soon to distract me from these dark thoughts.  I summoned a mirror to my hand thinking, "When the new commers get here I may as well be presentable.  It simply would not do, scaring them before they'd even had time to explore the castle.  I slowly combed and brushed my misty silver hair that fell in gently rolling waves just past my knees.  I examined my pitch black eyes and my extremely pale nearly pure white skin.  I checked my delicately pointed ears, my small and slender frame, and my nearly transpearant ice blue pixie wings.  I made sure I had not changed since the last vist and was relieved to find that indeed I had not.  I was still my normal 3 inch tall self.  I decided that probably it would be best if I changed to larger form so as to be more easily noticable to any who arrived here, at Castle Weirdo.  I laughed to myself, it just felt so strange to call it that.  I then changed myself so that I stood about 4 feet tall, which while not exactly "tall" is a fairly impressive transaction considering my previous height.  I then sat down on a chair that basically just appeared out of need, and waited for those who I knew would eventually come.

The End

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