Welcome to Castle Weirdo!

hiya all! this is a place where weirdness runs rampant and you never know just exactly what might happen next. sentient furniture/appliances/other normally non-sentient things are often found here. feel free to join just please no mature content or bad words =)

Welcome to Castle Weirdo!  At least that's what all the villagers call it and so I've taken to calling it that too.  There are just a few rules.

1. Weirdness is normal here, have no qualms about wright about being attacked by your bed because you kicked it in your sleep.  It actually could happen here.

2. If you're at Castle Weirdo, you have to have gotten here somehow.  It doesn't really matter how, you can just teleport here, but I am the only one who was here when the story started.

3. No life changing occurances without the character's authors consent, such as no losing arms/fingers/teeth unless it ok with the characters author.

4. Please don't leave without saying goodbye else everyone will wonder what happened to you and that would be no good.

5. Please no mature content or bad words as that could offend people.

6. Have fun and do what you want!  The castle is bassicly as big as it needs to be, expanding according to peoples needs.  It has an almost limmitless supply of stuff (although sometimes said stuff can be hard to find....)

The End

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