Allison or Liz for shortMature

I pulled my wet curled back into a bunch. "You're lucky, Liz. You don't have to worry about your hair going curly" Morgan sighs dragging the brush through her hair. I let a laugh escape my lips before merely smiling.

We head out to meet up with the guys and I run immediatly up to Isaac. The others rolls there eyes and I hug him tightly. I'm not one up for public kissing but hugs. I love them. Especially feeling the warmth of Isaac's body against mine. The knowledge he's mine and no one elses. I sigh content as Isaac puts and arm round my shoulder.

"We all heading home then?" Logan says and I can't help notice that he's directing his question more towards everyone else. I tilt my head frowning.

"Whats up?" Isaac whispers in my ear.

"Nothing" I whisper nuzzling his neck with my nose fondly.

"I'm hungry actually"  Luke jumps in.

"How about we go to that new cafe?" I surgest, now more leaning on Isaac just to know he's there. The others nod seemingly to agree.

"Shall we go there then?" Morgan surgests.

"Sure, its not like we have to all get home straight away" Cat says with a flick of her hair so its not hanging around her face.

So we head there and they have these amazing decorations making it look more like a sweet shop then a cafe. All colourful and bright with these sort of cresent sofa's around circular tables for people to sit at. I find myself sat between Isaac whose on the end and Logan who strangely shifted away slightly when I sat down.

I look at him questioningly over the top of my menu but he's looking firmly away. I sigh and immerse myself into the menu.

The End

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