Isaac: Just Another DayMature

"I'm bored."

I looked up from my laptop with a sardonic sort of grin, to the place where Liz was sitting upon my bed. She really was beautiful, with her smokey grey eyes and dark brown hair. She'd been my everything for as long as I could remember.

"What do you want me to do about it?" I said at last, eyes flashing back and forth between her eager face and Facebook. Thankfully it didnt piss her off. She wasnt the sort of girl who demanded attention.

I'm getting ahead of myself. I'd lived in the classic small town setting my entire life. I'd gone to school with the same three hundred kids. I'd worked the same summer jobs. I'd had the same best friends since I'd been seven. Among them had been Liz, until that one day in my basement, and since then she'd been a hell of a lot more.

Liz propped herself up on her elbows, reaching over to shut my laptop on itself. I couldnt bring myself to be angry, not with the way she was looking at me. Her eyes were wide and pleading.

"Come kiss me, you idiot," she murmured playfully. "Kiss me until I cant breathe anymore."

So I did, because I did whatever Liz asked of me. Pretty soon we were on my bed, her body cradled beneath my own, and I was working my mouth roughly against her own. She moaned a little, hand trailing down my chest to the place where my shirt didnt quite meet my jeans. I though she might have kept going, if not for the sudden sound of a car horn.

"Damn- Logan's here," I muttered. I was quick to push myself off of her. Something flickered just beyond her gaze at the sound of Logan's name, but I chose to ignore it. Pain wasnt something I was used to dealing with. I never knew how to cope with it. It was better to just keep on pretending that everything was perfect.

Liz bent over to retrieve her bags. I rolled my eyes before picking up my own duffle. Then I trailed behind her into the stifling summer heat. "Hey!" She greeted our friends cheerfully. I wasnt blind to the way Logan's eyes lingered upon her for just a moment too long.

Something told me this would be the summer to change everything. I wasnt sure I liked the sound of that.

The End

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