We Go Way BackMature

The somewhat average life of a group of friends.


Cnt wait 4 2day. gnna b so fun!

I grinned at Cat's texting grammar. Sometimes I couldn't even tell what she was supposed to be saying, but that didn't matter. I would work it out eventually.

"Logan, can I borrow your phone charger?" I asked my twin brother. I don't know why our parents did that. Gave us both unisex names to confuse people. Of course, that's not the real reason why they did it. That's just our theory. 

"Yeah, it's down there somewhere," Logan gestured to the floor without taking his eyes from his laptop, where there was a tangle of wires from goodness known when, and for goodness knows what. 

"Helpful," I rolled my eyes. We shared a room because the spare room (which would be mine) was cluttered from bottom to top with crap nobody used, and we hadn't redecorated since we moved in six months ago. A clear-out was out of the question, as we were all just too busy. When I say 'we', I mean our parents. If we weren't lazy, we'd have had a clear-out ages ago. 

"Isaac says he convinced his dad to let him come so that's me, you, Isaac, Luke, Cat and Allison."

"You mean everyone?"

"Uhh..." he counted on his fingers. "Yes."

This was our friendship group. It had been since year seven. We were now nearing the end of year ten and nothing had changed. Well, nothing except that Liz (Allison's nick name) and Isaac were now going out. 

As of yet, I could still safely say that I didn't like anyone, but I knew Logan still liked Liz even though she was taken. And Cat was adamant that Luke liked me, but I didn't believe her one little bit.

Anyway, the plan was that we were all going swimming this afternoon, and then I was sleeping over at Cat's while Luke stopped here for the night. 

It wasn't anyone's birthday, it was just a bit of fun. That was why we did most things: just for a  bit of fun.

The End

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