Some people think that the sounds of the ocean are peaceful. I never understood this. The sounds of the seagulls cawing at each other sounds more like a heated debate than a mild conversation. The sounds of a campfire cracking and hissing sounds angry, not calm and soothing. Worst of all are the waves. Most people are under the illusion that the sound of the waves hitting the beach is one of serenity. When I hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, serene is not the emotion that comes to mind. The energy churning just beneath the surface increases it's velocity as it hurls the water to the sand. Rolling in such a way that the fluid crests and falls in a race to the shore. The sound the water makes as it collapses on top of itself, gathering stones and seaweed and whatever else lies in its wake and pushing it forward until finally the immovable sand stands in its way. Angry at this obstruction, the water hurls itself at this new barrier. Crashing into it with as much force as it possesses; the stones and sea life it has carried become caught in the crossfire, smashing into the rocky beach. if one listens closely enough, they can hear the rocks coming into contact with one another in a way that sounds almost painful. Yet still the beach remains absolute. The only sign of the chaos that has just unfolded is the sticky white sea foam left behind in the water's wake. Slowly dissolving into the sand. An apologetic band aid for the sand after the damage the water has caused. It continues on like this. A constant struggle between land and water. To me it seems much more violent than serene.

The End

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