Armed with a goal.Mature

Stop doing it! Jade raged at herself, every five seconds she was glancing over her shoulder. Certain another creature from a dark fairytale was out to get her. She stopped walking and turned around to face her imaginary foe.

“This is insane” she murmured to herself. None of this could be real. Yet those fangs that had been so close. They didn't look fake. And what about the man? What had his name been again? She searched for the name as she fingered the knifes blade carefully. She tucked it back into her pocket. His name doesn't matter she told herself. He'd only given her three extra tanks to use with this knife. She knew he said that other weapons didn't work. But she continued in the same direction regardless.

Jade had been on the streets for a long time, she knew who to talk to when she needed different things, though she never thought she'd be talking to him of all people. Jared disgusted her, but his attitude wasn't important, it was what he could get her that mattered.

“Well, well, look who it is” He didn't even try to disguise the smug grin plastered on his face. His face was surrounded by a tangle of dark messy hair that was partially hidden by his pulled up hood.

“I need a favour” She said, not bothering with the usual batter. Jared raised an eyebrow.

“You realise if I give you this favour, you have to pay it. No matter what it might be” Jade rolled her eyes at the sky and gave him a “so what?” look. She knew how things worked. He could ask for absolutely anything. And judging by his expression Jade could guess just what.

“I understand, sad this is the only way you can get a girl” She replied and Jared's eyes slanted quickly, the grin wiped from his face.

“You think your such a good judge of character” he growled, Jade merely shrugged.

“Well if its not that then what?” she asked, not really caring.

“I don't know yet, nothing I need. But when I need assistance, I will call on you. Don't worry” He said, “Now what do you want?” he asked, his voice curt and impatient.

“I need a gun, a decent one that can blow out a persons head” Jade replied and the look of shock on Jared's face was priceless.

“I thought you preferred to avoid conflict using any means possible” he said, pulling out his phone and scrolling down his list of contacts.

“Yeah, well I've ran into a group of people who can't be reasoned with” Jade said, resisting the urge to shudder at the memory of the creature.

“Can you also get me info on someone?” she asked, Jared lifted an eyebrow.

“This one of the people you can't reason with?” he replied. Jade felt her thumb rubbing across her fingers as she searched for an answer.

“Yes and no” she finally said. Because he was a...that thing. But he didn't seem to be a fan of them. Guess he must dislike himself then, imagine hating what you are...

“Well, either way it'll cost another favour. Give me the name and I'll see what I can dig up” He said, interrupting her line of thought.

“Charlie Harrows” She replied remembering the name. She had to stop herself from reaching into her pocket and fingering the knife again.

“Never heard of him, sure one of my contacts has though. As for the gun, go to the park” With that Jared walked off. Jade followed his instructions, going to the nearest park. Almost straight away a stranger barrelled past, pushing a crumpled brown envelope into her hand. She hid herself in the greenery of the bushes and opened it. Inside was a shiny silver gun, a magnum. It also held a few rounds of ammo, including the round already in the gun. Jade expected a less pricey gun. Then again she had asked for one with power. she had a feeling the first of her favours would have a big cost. she put the gun into the back of her belt and pulled her hood down. What did she do now? Were they going to come after her? No, she wouldn't stand around waiting for hells fury. She would wait till Jared got back with the information on Charlie Harrows. Then she was going to track down a vampire.  

The End

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