Ronnie took one last look in through the window of the devistatingly lonely apartment. He had followed Charlie Harrows across the rooftops and was intrigued enough to stick around for his conversation with the mystery woman in the alley. Now he stood observing the young vampire's behavior behind closed doors.

He reminds me of me 200 years ago, Ronnie thought: angry, bold, somewhat pathetic and lonely, but most of all resentful to the vampire race. Charlie was in need of guidance and although he had the type of thought process that would fit in, his bold behavior with humans was a potential risk.

Ronnie returned to the rooftops and eagerly headed back toward the comfortable shadows of the suburbs. The day had been dragging and the process of stealing blood from a local hospital took longer than expected. His family would surely be anxious for his return, as was he to discuss the discovery he had made in Charlie.

Would the rest of the family be willing to take a chance on a young, hot headed vampire? Would Charlie even want anything to do with their coven? Could Charlie be trusted or was his hatred for vampires strong enough to kill even those who tried to help him? There was certainly a predicament, but Ronnie thought the young "man" could prove to be of some help if the future, indeed, included some type of war. It was the goal of the family, after all, to build it's numbers and stand strong, not to fight, but to prepare in case that became inevitable. From the first impression, Charlie seemed as though he could provide some valuable assets that would be beneficial to the whole group.

He wondered how the conversation would go. The main pitch he would throw at him would have to revolve on the reality of what was going on around them, a potential war, noting that acting alone in such a violent atmosphere would be like suicide. It had been years since they had added a new family member, but perhaps now was the time.


Ronnie entered the house. Most of his family was there, chomping at the bit for the packets of blood. Whenever they could help it, they preferred not to feed on humans, but rather blood that had already been taken from humans. They considered it to be like leftovers, still fairly fresh and tasty, but not quite as satisfying as when it comes right out of the oven. It had been a long time since one of them had atually fed on a live human being.

Liz approached him first, "What took you so long? Lucas and Alan were about to go crazy."

He handed her the bag full of their food, "I was side tracked."

She gave him a puzzled look, "Side tracked with..."

"I'll talk to you about it in a minute. Let's eat first."

Lucas and Alan had slid into the kitchen as Ronnie and Liz joined them. Both vampires had teamed up with the couple over 100 years ago. They pledged to the same lifestyle and had been living peacefully ever since. Both were changed into vampires in their mid twenties.

"It's about time Ronnie," Lucas said, swiping a bag of blood and puncturing it with his teeth.

"Where are Michael and Nicole?" Ronnie asked.

"They got their own food and took off for the weekend."

"Their own food?"

"Don't worry," Alan chimed in, "They had a short supply of their own 'leftovers'."

Ronnie nodded and began to join the rest of them in eating. The taste of fresh blood sent an exhilerating, yet calming feeling throughout his body. The conflicting feelings created a temporary euphoria and provided the most satisfying feeling that any creature could experience. He closed his eyes and endulged in his meal, letting out a long sigh when he was done.

"That was delicious," Lucas said, rubbing his throat and stomach in satisfaction.

Liz glanced over toward Ronnie, "Now what was it you were going to tell us?"

He nodded, "I think I may have found someone to join us. I followed him for awhile, that's why I was late coming home."

The other three vampires straitened up and provided their full attention as Ronnie explained his evening to them. At the conclusion of the explanation, the room was full of thoughts, but no voices.

"I need some feedback," Ronnie said.

"Any way we can scout him out, too?" Alan asked.

"Sure, as long as you don't get yourself caught. He doesn't appear to have much faith in our kind."

"I won't get caught, but I think it'll be important to watch him a little."

Ronnie nodded, "Fair enough." He looked at Liz, "You haven't said much in regards to all this. What do you think?"

"It could be risky, but I guess it's worth a look. What is his name?"

"Charlie Harrows."

The End

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