Charlie preferred to walk on the roves of buildings then walking on the streets, he enjoyed the challenge of getting to his destination this way. As well as it offered him some protection, and advantages to anyone who in the past months have taken a disliking to him.  He was making his way home, and had come across a more hidden part of the city he heard struggling below him, then a cry before a low sounding thump. He looked over the edge catching the glimpse of a man falling to the ground, the smell of vampire blood lingering in the air. Just below him was a girl with a mess of dirty blond hair. He could easily tell this was her first encounter with a vampire.

"Good job." Charlie called from the top of the building sitting down to allow his legs dangle dangerously over the edge. She jumped at the sound of his voice before looking up,"Hi." He said, looking down to have a better look at her dirty face.

"Who are you?!" She asked suspicious, and afraid.

"The name is Charlie Harrows. I can't say I'm any different than your friend down their but I intend no harm. I sympathize with you actually." He started," I guess in some case your lucky I heard you because, now your in this world and getting out of this world is something I failed miserably at doi..."

"How am I supposed to know your not gonna drop down and , and!"

"If I wanted I could, but I haven't already. I just want to let you know, this will not be the last time you will meet a vampire, so prepare yourself!" Charlie said taking something out his pocket and dropped down to approach her," This is A WASP Knife Divers use it to kill sharks in the even they are attacked. Its also really effective against vampires. Simply stab your target and press the button, and a jet of compressed air will cause em to explode. The case holds another three tanks. Trust me this is what I used to do before they turned me." Charlie blethered handing over a rather long knife and a black kit. He was planning to use it earlier however he completely forgot he had it until later.

"Uhm Thank you?" She said taking the knife unsure what to make of Charlies strange behaviour.

"Sorry, I only mean to help, and the way things are going, I don't think its going to get any easier for human beings. " Charlie turned, " Good luck." He said before returning on his way home.


Charlies house was a shabby apartment close to the bay overlooking a over filled marina. Clothes where strewn everywhere, and half cooked pot of pasta was beginning to mold. In disgust he threw out the pot.  It was very different for charlie, eating didn't fulfil him, and his perception of time was so different taking care of the house seemed to meaningless. Days sped by for Charlie, especially since all he cared about was finding the bastard responsible for the way he is. However this night he opted to make his apartment a little cleaner not that he expected to have guests. It just saddened him as he remembered how much it would bother  Kate if he had left his place so messy.

The sun was sitting over the horizon, Charlie closed his curtains looking at the satisfactory look of his apartment. He walked over to the fridge lighting up a cigarette, trying to fill the emptiness he felt within, trying to forget how things were before he even knew about vampires. The smoke from hiz cigarette left an intricate trail in his dimly lit apartment adding some character to the brown washed up and torn funirture in the living room. The fridge door opened creating a corridor of light into the darknes. Inside was a slection of normal food and two packets of blood. Charlie hated, resented it, it sickened him to drink the blood through a straw like a human would drink orange juice from a juice box.

The need for blood was an unquenchable thirst, and undeniably a most perfect feeling when blood passed down his throat, he also knew it would be even better fresh from human flesh.  The thought was both disturbing and mouth watering. Just as he finished his meal, the phone rang. In hope of getting more information about these rouge vampires Charlie rushed to the phone only to get a static message with an underlying message only other vampires could hear.

" Be ready, it won't be long until your worst fears are recognized."

Charlie dropped the phone rushing towards his phone hoping to back track the call.

The End

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