First glimpse of the darkMature

She tried to remain calm. She wouldn't reveal herself. Her thoughts whirled wildly out of control as she tried to grasp what she had just seen. She just been walking out of boredom around the streets. She turned a corner and a guy she'd met a few times was there. Another guy with him. At first it looked like they were enjoying each other company. Honestly Jade had always suspected the guy had swung that way. But the stranger moved quickly, she heard a yelp of pain. And the fogging night full of clouds moved enough so that the moon shone down on them. Revealing the gleam of blood-stained teeth. Jade had quickly hid, pressing her back against the uncomfortable brick. Hoping against hope that whatever that man was would walk away. She didn't want to be murdered by some weird cult guy. I mean that what he was right? Things like vampires weren't real. That's just silly.

“And I usually never have people discover this spot. It's near impossible to find in this puzzle of back streets” A male voice murmured, it was shockingly close, so close Jade actually felt air brush hair across her cheek.

She didn't look to see if he was there. She just ran. She heard twisted laughter as she turned a corner and stopped. The man was there and now she could see him up-close. He had long, lanky muddy brown hair and similarly muddy eyes. He didn't smell great and she imagined he preferred it that way. Her feet moved without conscious thought, backing away. He had to be some kind of escaped lunatic Jade reassured herself. He only moved so fast because of meds. Yeah, she thought, that makes sense. But there was something impossibly hard to ignore about him. He didn't feel human.

She felt her foot hit something with a metallic clang. She near this city well enough to know the exact distance to the opening of the first set of stairs. She knew the building stretched seven stories and that the fifth rug of stairwell three was missing. All she had to do was turn her back on this creepy man for a split second. Just a split second she repeated in her mind. That's all it was.

She turned, she could feel air rush but she resisted the urge to look back as she ran up the first set of stairs, two, sometimes three at a time. She could feel her heart rate increase and her breathing grow sharp and painful. Jade was a fit person, but she'd never felt fear like this and it was effecting her in ways she'd never experienced. A deep, built-in instinct was flaring to life. And it was telling her she had to do absolutely everything in her power to get away from this stranger. She reached stairwell three and felt something grab her ankle. She kicked out and it was like hitting a stone. She held back the urge to cry out as she broke at least three toes. The man had an evil grin on his face, the moon was still shining and she saw the fangs close up. She didn't know what to do. She had never comprehended this situation being possible. She told herself over and over to wake up. But those fangs grew closer. She desperately tried to free her ankle, but it was hopeless. His grip was iron, and she was trapped. She was going to die.

“No” she whispered in reply to the never ending stream of thoughts. She wouldn't give up. She reached a hand back, searching for the third of the fifth stair that remained. She grasped it. Biting hard on her lip as she felt it pierce her skin. The man let out a strangled cry. His eyes taking a reddish glow. Jade knew she had to act fast. She pulled at the metal and it gave way with a ear-splitting sound. She knew how the stair had broken. Someone idiot threw heavy stuff over the edge of the building and it ripped most of the stair away. Leaving a strip of half loose metal. She broke what bonds were left and swung it in a wide arc, hitting the creature square in the face. He let out a startled sound. His hold loosened and Jade was running. Before she had been pushed by fear. Now it was survival. This monster would not kill her. She reached the top and was inches from the door into the building when a arm wrapped round her waist, yanking her back sharply. So sudden that her stomach wrenched painfully in response.

“You b****! I was going to give you a quick death. But now-” She didn't let him finish the rest as she elbowed him in the rib. Knowing beforehand it would have little effect. But it was enough that she could angle herself better. Now her body was side-ways. She heard a war cry escape her lips and she thrust the spike of metal through his chest. She had expected more resistance, but it slid through his flesh easily. She watched as he backed away. Blood pouring from his mouth. It wasn't normal blood though. It was darker.

“You picked the wrong girl” Jade whispered, seeing his eyes widen in shock. She raised one leg up high and threw him over the edge of the building. Now Jade just had one problem. Where the f*** did the vampire come from?!

The End

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