Talks of a WarMature

          Headlights rolled over the massive estate that stood dark in the shadows of surrounding trees.  Moonlight peeked through illuminating the silhouette of the house as the BMW rolled to a stop in front of the garage door.

           Ronnie killed the engine and glanced over as his wife exited through the passenger door. Her glamorous evening gown caught his attention for the millionth time that night. “I’m so glad that’s over with,” Liz said, joining him on the walkway to the front door.

            Ron nodded, “Yeah. I can’t wait to get out of this monkey suit.”  He loosened up his tie and unlocked the door, allowing Liz to walk in ahead of him. He turned to close the door and glanced around the yard before shutting it and securing the lock.

            Liz dropped her purse on the kitchen table and turned on a light. She glanced at the digital clock on the stove that read twelve-thirteen. The two of them had been at a meeting of the covens for hours and still there was no progress in the feuds that lingered due to opposing sides of the eternal argument: the conquer or not to conquer.

            For Ron and Liz, they preferred to live an “under the radar” type of lifestyle. They were happy being able to blend in with society when necessary, though the need to feed was inevitable. It worried Ron to know that the lords’ views were beginning to split, and some were considering enslaving the human race, something he surely thought would be a disaster.

           The ideas of one rogue vampire had trickled into the minds of power hungry rebels who would certainly not be able to control their appetites. He envisioned the end result should something so extreme take place. The delinquents would endulge and wipe out their food supply. In five years, or less, the vampire race would end. They would starve and be wiped out right along with the humans.

            Ron took a deep breath and slumped into a seat at the table while Liz poured them both a glass of red wine. “Thanks,” he said as she handed him his glass. He ran a hand across his forehead and closed his eyes.

            “We all have a lot to think about,” Liz said, sitting beside him.

            “Yeah, “Ron took another deep breath without opening his eyes, “If things keep going this way, a war is going to start. It’s going to be the death of me.”

            “Don’t go there.”

            He opened his eyes, “It’s just a saying.”

            “Not when you’re actually putting your life at risk, it’s not.”

            There was a brief moment of silence. The two of them took a sip from their glasses.

            “Things are going to be fine,” Ron assured her. He took another big gulp that finished off the glass.

            “I hope so.” She grabbed their glasses and put them in the sink. “If there is a war, I’m not sitting it out.”

            He shook his head, “We’ve talked about this. It’s too much. Plus, we’ve always said that if we can help it that we wouldn’t both go into a battle together. I’d prefer it if you didn’t go in at all – ever.”

            Liz didn’t respond. The two of them stared at each other with firmness for a moment, each standing their ground on the situation.

            “Let’s go to bed,” Ron said, breaking the stalemate. He stood up and Liz marched by him with a hint of frustration in her walk. She clicked off the kitchen light and headed upstairs to the bedroom. Ron followed at a slow pace through the dark, empty house.

            A light trickled across the floor from the attached bathroom and spread an even pattern of light on the far side of the room. Ron entered, not bothering to flip on the main switch. He sat down on the edge of the bed to remove his shoes.

            Behind him, he heard Liz exit the bathroom. She perched herself in front of a dresser against the far wall. Another small light flickered on. Ron stood up and made his way over to her, throwing his shoes lazily into the open closet as he went.

            Liz didn’t immediately acknowledge that he had joined her by the mirror. She continued to look down, removing a tiny silver bracelet that accented her outfit and placed it in an open jewelry box. Ron put his hands on her shoulders then hugged her from behind before kissing the collar of her neck.

            “Need help with the necklace?” He asked.

            She took a deep breath, attempting to continue showing her frustration, “Yeah. Sure. Thanks.” Stubbornness was something that had carried over from Liz's human personality.

            He carefully unclipped the back and handed it to her. She let the necklace join her bracelet in the jewelry box. If these rare immortals had reflections, it would certainly appear to be picture perfect, like a portrait, far more breath taking than the most beautiful flesh and blood models in the world. The flawless marble skin on their perfectly cut faces seemed to glow in the dim light.

            Ron felt her loosen up. “I’m sorry,” he told her.

            Liz swallowed hard and took another breath in, “No. I’m sorry. I’m just scared about what could happen to you; to me; to all of us.”

            “We’ve got a strong group. We’re going to be okay.”

            “I’m not going to be able to just sit around while all of this is going on.”

            “If it even goes on. This is all just back and forth chatter right now. Trust me.”

            “It’s not about trust, Ron-“She stopped herself, knowing the argument would get her nowhere and would only make her feel worse.

            “I promise you that nothing’s going to happen.”

            As much as she wanted to come back with the question, 'how can you promise that?', she decided against it and leaned back into him, closing her eyes as she felt him unzip the back of her dress. He backed away for a moment to let her turn around to face him.  She began to undo his tie as he continued to slowly slide her dress down.

            Ron gently grabbed her face with both hands and pressed his mouth against hers. She kissed him back, attempting to loosen the buttons on the shirt beneath his jacket.

            He picked her up and carried her to the bed, laying on top of her and removing her dress completely.

            Liz pushed the jacket off of his shoulders then worked at the belt around his waist that slid off with ease. “Should we close the door?”

            Ron undid the button of his pants and continued to kiss and lightly bite her neck, “Nobody’s home,” he whispered. His fangs danced on her collar bone.

            She glanced toward the door.

            “Unless you want to,” he said, “I’ll go close it.”

            “No, it’s fine.” Liz unzipped his pants and slid her hands beneath his boxer briefs.

Ron sighed and gripped her earlobe with his teeth, sliding his pants down and throwing the covers over them.

Liz closed her eyes and kissed him with a sense of urgency. She inhaled hard and held onto him tightly. "I don't want this life to end. What if we all die out and -"

Ron put his fingers up to her mouth, " I'll go meet with the lords myself tomorrow. Right now, just relax."

The End

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