The train was moving speedily through the darkened, vandalized, and abandoned subway tunnels. It was the last train for the night, very few people were riding it.  Charlie had could faintly hear the heart beats of the five other riders in this segment of the subway.  He could smell their blood, and it was so very alluring to him, but he kept still. Only a few short months ago he was human, and he still had a strong sentiment against drinking human blood, so many of his family had died. On the other hand the temptation was far to much for him, everyday it was like a small war in his head, the blood lusting part always won though. Survival over his own death, did this make Charlie a coward? He at one point vowed to kill vampires till his dying day, now he was one, and he killed humans for his own survival.

The subway bounced around a bit, charlie opened his eyes, his thoughts moving to the back of his head for the time being.  The train began to slow and the lights were cut out, Charlie could sense movement outside of the train. He stood up as the sounds of pounding hearts filled his ears.

"Whats happening?"A woman asked

"hell if I know! Just shut up alright." A man responded

It was hard to hear what exactly was happening outside the train from all the noise these people were making, but Charlie had a feeling they were vampires. He grabbed the hilt of his Kattana as the door to the next segment of the train flew off its hinges towards him. With a quick movement with his left arm he managed to change the course of the door to side only harming his arm.  Two vampires calmly walked in, their footsteps hardly making a sound.

"Whats going on?"  Yelled the man who was rudely telling the woman off.

"Oh we have a freind tonight." Said a female vampire with amusement.

"Think he will be joining us tonight." Another female said.

"No." Charlie replied fully unsheathing the black kattana.

"Oh come one theirs billions more, five insignificant humans shouldn't matter." One said hotly.

"Oh you're a downer. Come on play with us tonight." The other said seductively.

Charlie so badly wanted to turn around, and fulfil the never ending desire, but he stood his ground.

"What are you three blabbing about?" The man demanded.

"None of your business just get away from here!" Charlie barked, then rounded on the two females," I thought the law was to work in the dark and not take unnecessary actions especially if it comes to revealing us." 

"Yes but this is so much more fun, and we won't be caught, now stand aside, or you will be among the corpses." One snarled at Charlie.

" Or you could join us." The other added.

"Excuse me I refuse to be ignor..." The man was cut short as short smack sound was made sending the man to the floor. 

Charlie then charged forwards, allowing his blade to fall back, one of the vampire raised her leg to kick him across the face. Charlie quickly blocked the blow with the flat side of the katana and crouched down allowing his left leg to swoop around and kick her down to the floor, before she hit the floor her friend came up behind Charlie and picked him up with a single hand. Her vampire blood line trait had given her super strength, she crushed him against the wall. Charlie could see her face clearly now. She had beautifully red hair, that framed her round face nicely.  She brought her face near his smelling at his neck.

"You must have been a nice catch as a human. You must have been turned not long ago huh? No wonder your so touchy about human life." She began to talk as she raised her head and moved her hand down his right arm pressuring a point on his arm forcing him to drop his sword. Her friend got up.

"Narcissa just kill him already. He's just a baby in our terms, a very stupid one at that!"

" Hang on, your so quick to kill, why not slow down and enjoy as your prey shakes in fear, and in anticipation." Narcissa shot back, as she found his hand and brought it up to eye level.

"Oh that’s cute, you must be the one who's been giving Luke problems, running around killing his men." She said as she saw the the dragon tattoo on his fist," You know I killed on of your vampire slaying friends, I can't remember her name, she had beautiful blue eyes, slim body. She always stayed behind and gave you information from the city wide surveillance system." She played with him.

Charlie squirmed in anger and managed to get loose and caught Narcissa on her elbow. Forcing her to drop him to the ground, and within in seconds charlie was behind her wielding his kattana proudly and took a deep swipe leaving a deep gash on her back, she fell to the ground.

"You little bastard!" Screamed her friend as Narcissa fell to the ground shrieking in pain. 

In anger her friend used her bloodline trait which allowed her her to phase through objects. Charlie swiped at her but his sword just passed harmlessly through her midsection. With little time to react he manage to get himself out of the way of punch that left quite an indentation in the floor of the train.

"Don't bother Caris, Luke probably wants him to suffer otherwise he would already be dead. Besides we don't want to be on his bad side do we."Narcissa spoke between ragged breaths, but she had over come the pain.

Narcissa gotten back up and a strange heaviness came over Charlie, he tried to stand up but it was impossible he fell to his knees as Narcissa walked over to him without an issue.

"Normally I would kill a vampire like you but there is more then one reason I will keep you alive tonight."Narcissa said before delivering a blow to Charlies head darkening his world.


Charlie woke up an hour later laying down on a bench in the underground, the lust for blood filling him more than ever before. His head was throbbing, that was a close call, but his sources were correct. Their was a group of vampires acting outside the guild, and the person leading these rebels was indeed the person who had turned him into a vampire, and had all of his friends and family killed.

The End

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