War of the Vampire GuildMature

Two factions separate in the vampire guild: one for staying in the shadows, one for killing and enslaving all of humankind. Which side will win the ensuing war?

Gramtag slipped from the shadows, a silent assailant, closing in on his prey. He moved quickly up behind the figure and flicked his right wrist down. A hidden blade shot out and he plunged it into the small of his target’s back. The man crumpled. Gramtag caught him before he hit the floor.

“A message from the guild. Do not betray them. You have paid the price for doing so”.

He left the man fall. Blood began to pool around his body where it lay on the ground.Blood. One of Gramtag’s fascinations. He could not feed on this blood however; feeding on the blood of a fellow vampire, one of his brethren would be detrimental to him. With a smile, Gramtag turned and fled the scene; climbing the fire escape of a nearby building and onto the roof. He perched there and surveyed the city. The poor simpletons had no idea vampires still existed among them. Creatures of shadow, they worked from the dark. Gramtag heaved a sigh and shot off into the dark.


Gramtag knocked lightly on the polished wooden door. He entered when it swung inward. The four Lords of the Vampire guild stood before him.

“It is done? He who betrayed us is dead?” the oldest of the Lords asked.

Gramtag nodded. “Lying in a pool of his own blood”.

“Very good”.

“I insist, maybe his motives had some sense to them”, the youngest Lord said, “why shouldn’t we consider making our presence known to the world and enslave humankind?”

A look of anger crossed the oldest lord’s face. “It goes against the code of our order. We retreated from the human world centuries ago. We leave them be and work from the shadows, only killing when we must feed. We will not make our presence known”.


“Gramtag”, another of the lords chimed in, cutting off the youngest, “You have done your duty, leave us now”. Gramtag bowed and did as the lord asked, feeling some regret. The debate had just got interesting. Gramtag did not want the vampires to reveal their existence; he much preferred working from shadows. Preferred being unknown and unseen. Preferred the enigma of it all. But he knew many who would love to dominate humans once more. Things could go wrong fast. 

The End

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